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Exploring the Sweet Symphony of Sohan Halwa: A Multani Delicacy

by value box 02 Oct 2023

Sohan Halwa, a dessert masterpiece, holds a special place in the heart of every sweet lover. Among its multiple regional variations, Multani Sohan Halwa stands out as perfection of culinary distinction.

Traditional Mughlai dessert sohan halwa is still significant today. The delectable delicacy is prepared with desi ghee and served all throughout the country and beyond. This common dish from South Asia is made with pure desi ghee and sweetened with dry fruits. Multan, which has a solid reputation for producing sohan halwa multani, serves the greatest sohan halwa in Pakistan.

Numerous shops in Old Delhi, KPK, and Punjab sell the best Sohan halwa. Let’s talk about where to find them and their prices.


Sohan Halwa's origins are deeply embedded in the vibrant culture of the Indian subcontinent. The sweet treat has been loved for centuries, and its recipes have been passed down through generations. The dessert has Persian roots. The name is a result of Persian lettering as well. Sohan Halwa and Sohan-e-Qom are both Iranian sweets. According to legend, a Hindu confectioner by the name of "Sohan" bought spoiled milk. Instead of discarding the sour milk, he experimented with it by heating it until it became thick. They added wheat flour and cooked it until it was the consistency of halva.

He made the dessert available to the other villagers so they could try it. Everyone liked it so much and it became favorite or adults as well as little kiddos. Its renown soared as soon as it reached the court of Deewan Sawan Mal. The treat quickly became known as "Sohan halva."

Multani Sohan Halwa

Multani Sohan Halwa: A Gourmet Journey

Multani Sohan Halwa, frequently referred to simply as Sohan Halwa, is a cherished sweet delicacy with a rich history hailing from Multan, a megacity in the Punjab region of Pakistan. This traditional sweet's origins are believed to trace back to Persian or Central Asian immigrants who brought their sweet culinary traditions to the Indian subcontinent. The preparation of Sohan Halwa involves a scrupulous process that includes roasting wheat flour in ghee, creating a sugar syrup, and mixing in milk, dry fruits, and spices. This admixture is also cooked until it thickens and is poured into molds to set. Once cooled, its cut into separate pieces or diamond shapes and garnished with fresh nuts. Sohan Halwa holds cultural significance in South Asia, often gracing gleeful occasions and being changed as a special gift. While it has regional variations, its enduring popularity speaks to its amusing taste and cultural significance.

Discovering Hafiz Sohan Halwa:

One name that resonates with Multani Sohan Halwa is" Hafiz Sohan Halwa." This iconic brand has mastered the art of creating this tasteful sweet. Their commitment to quality and authenticity has made them a trusted source for Sohan Halwa lovers worldwide. Whether you are seeking the classic flavor or innovative variations, Hafiz Sohan Halwa offers a wide range of options to tantalize your taste buds.  

Hafiz Sohan Halwa is a famous sweet shop with a fascinating history. Established in Multan, Pakistan, in 1930 by Hafiz Habib- ur- Rahman, this sweet bazaar has been a light of traditional sweet artificer. What sets Hafiz Sohan Halway apart is their commitment to using high- quality ingredients like pure ghee, milk, and honey, which give a distinct and  pleasurable flavor to their sweets. Take a look at their Badami Sohan halwa, which sells for 1 kg for 1000 Rs. The price of Akhroti Sohan Halwa is Rs. 1200, and 1 kilogram of walnuts are used in its preparation to
improve the flavor. Their signature blend, Sohan halwa, is prepared with all dry fruits in 1 kg of desi ghee for Rs 1900. The pistachio Sohan halwa, which costs Rs 1600 a kg, offers the best pistachio flavor in every mouthful of halwa.

The classic recipe calls for two thick layers of pistachio and almond to make the famous Sohan halwa. Blended saffron from Isfahan provides a unique, delicious flavor. 1 kilogram of it is available for 1400 Rs.

Inside the shop, you will find the Golden Gallery, showcasing their prized Peshawari Sohan Halwa that glistens like a jewel. Beyond Multan, Hafiz Sohan Halway has expanded its presence to colorful cities across Pakistan, providing not only tasteful treats but also employment openings in urban areas. Their sweets have gained both public and transnational recognition, making Hafiz Sohan Halway a loved name among sweet lovers worldwide.

Hafiz Sohan Halwa

Rewari Sohan Halwa: A Taste of Tradition

Another noteworthy player in the world of Sohan Halwa is" Rewari Sohan Halwa." With a heritage deeply bedded in tradition, they continue to produce this delicacy using time- honored ways. Each bite of Rewari Sohan Halwa is a trip into the heart of Pakistan's culinary heritage, making it a cherished choice among sweet lovers. Rewari Sohan Halwa holds artistic significance, frequently gracing gleeful occasions, marriages, and fests as a symbol of agreeableness and good wishes. This traditional sweet delight is extensively available in sweet shops. Its popularity continues to increase daily. The only shop in best sohan halwa in pakistan that offers international shipping is Rewari Sohan Halwa. They are well recognize for their flavorful halwa. Each bite has a handful of pistachio and walnuts for a flavor you\’ll remember. Fresh milk and just the right amount of almonds provide a deliciously sweet flavour. It is offere for between 1200 and 1500 Rupees.

rewari sohan halwa
Where to locate Multani Sohan Halwa online:

Inside the virtual age, savoring the flavors of Multani Sohan Halwa has grown to be less difficult than ever. Numerous online stores offer the ease of ordering this pleasant treat from the comfort of your home. When looking for Multani Sohan Halwa online, take into account sorting out renowned manufacturers like Hafiz Sohan Halwa and Rewari Sohan Halwa. Prices range relying on the quantity and satisfactory, but the flavor enjoy is constantly worth it.


Sohan Halwa, particularly Multani Sohan Halwa, holds a completely unique vicinity within the world of sweets. Its wealthy history, wonderful flavors, and cultural importance make it a treat worth savoring. Manufacturers like Hafiz Sohan Halwa and Rewari Sohan Halwa have increased the artwork of making this confection, ensuring that it continues to be a favorite of generations to come. Whether or not you're enjoying it on a unique occasion or as a candy indulgence, Sohan Halwa's undying attraction is certain to captivate your flavor buds. Don't hesitate to discover the world of Sohan Halwa with Value Box and revel in the culinary magic it has to provide.

Please be advised that product prices may fluctuate over time due to market conditions and other factors.

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