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Stay Warm in Style: Winter Dress Trends 2024

by value box 12 Oct 2023

Summers in Pakistan are hot, but winters are far colder. With temperatures plunging to -10 degrees Celsius in the hilly areas, everyone must dress appropriately. As the autumn season begins, Pakistani manufacturers, like those across the world, display their latest winter collection 2024 on fashion runways and in stores. Women's Winter Dresses in Pakistan are all about comfort and style, feeling your best while still keeping warm. Because wearing branded women's garments is a fashion trend that practically every woman in Pakistan follows, the brands created their winter collection utilizing fabrics such as marina, velvet, linen, viscose, palachi, pashmina, jacquard khaddar, damask, and others.

Pakistan's winters typically begin in November and run through the end of March. That is a whole 5 months of winter to enjoy in a country that has all four seasons. Winter is the perfect time to pull out all of your smart winter clothes and dress yourself up to seem as fashionable as you desire.

Winter Dressing Trends;

Let’s talk about the most used and trendy fabrics used in winter clothing:


In Pakistan, linen is one of the most often used materials for making winter wear suits. It is a lightweight, yet sturdy fabric that is simple to dye and prints well. Because of its resilience, linen fabric is easily embroidered to make clothing look more upscale. Pakistani women use linen dresses on a daily basis, and it is especially popular among working women because it is quite inexpensive, allowing you to buy many linen clothes each winter season.

Linoleum is a popular material for casual apparel in Pakistan. It is a lot stronger and more absorbent textile than cotton, and it dries much faster. Because of these characteristics, linen is one of the most pleasant materials to wear in semi-hot and cold weather, and it is frequently used in clothing. It is one of the most commonly worn and formal gowns in Pakistan.


Khaddar is a cloth manufactured from cotton fibers. Because it is a handwoven fabric, it naturally has this lovely pattern that adds to its elegance. Women wear Khaddar clothes for both informal and formal occasions. This fabric can also withstand extensive needlework, or you can get a plain khaddar dress in Pakistan and embellish it with gorgeous lace to match its lovely woven pattern. Khaddar is also an excellent choice for casual wear. The fabric is often made of cotton and woven in a variety of patterns. This fabric's dual nature makes it a one-of-a-kind textile for both summer and winter use.


Velvet is a sort of cloth that is popular in Pakistan throughout the winter season. It is this high-quality cloth that is available in beautiful colors and features eye-catching embroidered designs. Because velvet is an expensive fabric, it is much sought after by women. In Pakistan, velvet party dresses are typically worn for semi-formal and formal parties. Because of the luxurious component, all you need to style and be ready for your event is a fantastic pair of shoes and some pretty jewelry. If you are looking for a fashionable dress to wear to a party or a wedding during the winter season, the velvet dress is a great option. Velvet is a silky fabric with a short, densely packed surface that is created from silk. Its fabric is
so smooth that it reminds me of a nice, comforting blanket.


Viscose, often known as rayon, is a semi-synthetic textile derived from cellulose. Viscose mimics silk in appearance because it has a beautiful drape and feels rich. Viscose is often used to manufacture winter clothes for women in Pakistan, and because the fabric is lightweight and inexpensive, Pakistani women like splurging on viscose garments. Viscose is primarily available in printed forms and is ideal for both casual wear and beautiful bridal gowns.


Another pricey form of winter wear fabric is jacquard. Experts develop enticing motifs on jacquard fabric, making it appear opulent. Jacquard ensembles, which have a natural sheen, are particularly appealing and are intended for formal wear. Suits are frequently constructed with jacquard cloth and other textiles to create a work of art worth acquiring.

Trending Winter Styles:

Here are some suggestions to make your look unique and trendy:

Embroidered Linen Dress with Wool Shawl Dupatta:

Embroidered Linen Dress with Wool Shawl Dupatta

This unstitched three-piece linen suit is ideal for casual wear. You can choose any color of your choice. Whether an embroidered suit piece or a simple printed suit with wool shawl or dupatta.

Like in the above picture, there is a navy blue embroidered linen shirt and blue trousers with a laced dupatta which comes with the same print as on the shirt. You can also match white or silver heels to make them look more trendy and attractive.

Embroidered velvet shirt with jamawar trousers:

Embroidered velvet shirt with jamawar trousers

 If you're looking for a fashionable outfit to wear to a winter party or wedding, this velvet suit is the correct choice for you. The deep blue tone of the shirt, which features a fully embroidered velvet shirt decorated with zari and sequin embroidery, is particularly eye-catching. It includes a green gold trousers made of jamawar cloth and a matching color broshia net dupatta with beautiful embroidery all over it.

Velvet shawls:

Velvet shawls

 Velvet shawls are quite hot for the winter, and this fascinating black velvet shawl would look stunning with any attire in any color. The borders of this velvet women's shawl are embroidered with jaal work. Threads in light gold, white, yellow, and pink are utilized to make the ornate designs with a floral bunch embroidered in zari and threadwork all over the shawl. The velvet shawl is available in a variety of colors and measures 42 inches wide.


In the end, Pakistan's winter design trends for 2024 revolve around a diverse range of fabrics, catering to both style and comfort. Linen, khaddar, velvet, viscose, and jacquard are the important materials dominating the iciness cloth cabinet. Linen, especially, sticks out as a versatile and cheap choice, even as velvet exudes luxury for semi-formal and formal activities. Using embroidered designs and specific color mixtures provides a hint of elegance to iciness ensembles. Velvet shawls, with their complicated embroidery, offer an elegant accent to finish the look. With a spread of alternatives available, Pakistani ladies have sufficient alternatives to stay warm and elegant throughout the prolonged iciness season.

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